So… you wanna cocktail?

You ever seen the movie Cocktail? It was this old 80’s movie with Tom Cruise. Since then, EVERYONE has thought that they have the stuff. The stuff it takes to be a high flying, king of the bar, shaker spinning expert…… but do you?

Our bar staff have a combined experience of over 70 years (65 of those are just Gladys, but she is retiring soon), and we know our stuff. We want to pass that knowledge on to you.

So. When you think all you need is Sex on the Beach? We’ll teach you a Slow Comfortable Screw is much better. Sometimes a Dirty Shirley is all you need while you dream about those heady days in Manhattan. Or, you just want to relax with a Sidecar to a Malibu Sunset. Even if you are just feeling a little Old Fashioned – we have you covered.

We can entertain groups from 6 to 16 – teaching you the methods and ideology of mixology. We’ll show you what ingredients work together, how to get bang for your buck with spirits and mixers, and we will laugh our asses off while we do it.

You will go away knowing exactly what is great to mix, and what isn’t. Or….. just get a little drunk!

In this class we can’t promise A’s for everyone, but we can ensure that no one will leave with an F!

Drop us a message below, and we’ll make sure you have an evening to remember.

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“Cocktails and Dreams….I see it in pink neon. Blink, blink, pinkety blink.”


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